Sustainable Solutions for Port and Civil Infrastructure

We offer cutting-edge technology to tackle the most complex projects,
reducing risks and costs in the short and long term

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What we do?

vehículo especializado en survey geofísico, equipado con la última tecnología para realizar estudios geofísicos marítimos en las aguas de Uruguay. Estas operaciones son cruciales para entender la geología submarina y apoyar la planificación y ejecución de proyectos de infraestructura marina y terrestre.

Geophysical Survey

Our expertise in Survey, Processing, Analysis and Interpretation of data covers soil studies using seismic methods, bathymetry, oceanographic studies, infrastructure inspections and pathologies, detection of pipes and buried objects and environmental studies.

Engineering Solutions

With the management of geophysical data and exhaustive measurement of variables, we can provide cutting-edge solutions and technologies to face the most complex port, coastal, civil and naval infrastructure projects.


We have a portfolio of products and equipment with cutting-edge technology to offer sustainable solutions at all stages of the development of your infrastructure project.

Comprehensive Soil Studies
Reduce risks by having complete knowledge of the soil.
Marine and Terrestrial Geophysics
Intensive studies for geological risks and engineering projects with sub bottom profiler, magnetometer and multibeam.
Improvement of Slopes and Soil
Geotextiles, geotubes, and mattresses that increase the resilience of projects.
Infrastructure Inspections
Low visibility is no longer a problem, non-intrusive methods enhance any construction.
Equipment for ships and ports
The protection of the maritime environment and the well-being of the crew managed with high technology: Desalination plants, oily water separators, treatment plants.
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International experience and trajectory

We have extensive experience in the geophysical and engineering fields, which makes us leaders in the sector. Our long history allows us to address the most complex challenges in the development and management of port and civil infrastructure.

Cutting-edge technology

By integrating non-intrusive and sustainable technology, we obtain a large amount of data that allows us to transform it into practical solutions for our clients. Through our knowledge, you will be able to manage valuable projects, optimize costs and meet quality standards.

Personalized Attention

Our personalized approach ensures that you receive reliable solutions tailored to your objectives and requirements. From design, execution and operation, our team will be with you every step of the way, offering you a collaborative and satisfying experience.



We specialize in offering comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the management and maintenance of port, coastal, civil and naval infrastructure in Uruguay and Latin America.


Why choose us?

Our environmentally friendly technology and sustainable approach allows us to reduce risks and costs in the short and long term.

Representación en 3D de un estudio geofísico avanzado, destacando las variaciones y características subterráneas mediante técnicas de alta resolución. Fundamental para la exploración y la planificación de infraestructuras, este análisis detallado facilita la identificación precisa de formaciones geológicas y recursos potenciales.

Commitment to Sustainability

Innovative and Sustainable Technology

Positive Impact on the Environment

Risk and Cost Reduction

Our services seek to reduce the risks associated with the construction and operation of infrastructure, which translates into significant savings in costs and time for our clients. By working with us, you contribute to sustainable development and general well-being.


We have helped dozens of companies achieve their goals